Watercolour Paint Sets - Winsor & Newton PROFESSIONAL - COMPLETE TRAVEL TIN - 24 Half Pans - LESS THAN HALF PRICE

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Lightweight enamelled pressed metal box containing 24 Half Pan Blocks of Artists quality Professional Watercolours, that use only the purest pigments to give bright, dynamic colours, unmatched performance and colour mixing.

An excellent range of colours, ideal for the artist on the move, it opens out to provide a number of useful mixing surfaces.

Approx. closed overall dimensions: 220 x 75 x 20mm

Contains: Winsor Lemon, Winsor Yellow, Cadmium Free Yellow, Winsor Orange, Cadmium Free Red, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, Permanent Magenta, Winsor Violet (Dioxazine), French Ultramarine, Indanthrene Blue, Winsor Blue (Green Shade), Cerulean Blue, Winsor Green (Blue Shade), Hooker's Green, Perm Sap Green, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey, Ivory Black

(Actual contents may vary).