YUPO Synthetic Paper - WHITE - LEGION PAPER Heavy Weight 390gsm- A4 Pack of 5 loose sheets

  • £17.00

210 x 297 mm, 8.3 x 11.7”

10 individual sheets, 144lb weight.

YUPO® is a non-porous, acid free and pH neutral, synthetic paper, the translucent version is ideal for backlit applications, combining strength with excellent light diffusion.

A synthetic (polypropylene) substrate has a non-porous surface that repels water.

YUPO® gives visual artists an amazingly beautiful surface to work with, ideal for:

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Alcohol Inks

  • Debossing

  • Monotype

  • Offset

  • Oil Pastel

  • Pencil/Graphite

  • Silkscreen

  • Sumi-e Ink

  • Watercolour

Its bright opaque white, smooth finish gives artists the flexibility to work in several different mediums to achieve unique and creative results.

Painting or drawing on the ultra-smooth surface of YUPO® is different than regular watercolour or drawing paper, and will require some adjustments by the artist.

The surface may be wiped clean to restore the original white of the sheet, making it an excellent surface for beginners, also a very exciting substrate for more advanced and experimental artists offering a multitude of possibilities and suitable applications.


The slick, smooth, non-absorbent substrate that dramatically changes the way you paint, print or draw.

Allows nuances, patterns and shapes to be captured that were previously impossible to achieve on conventional watercolor and drawing papers.

What makes it even more unique is its lifting quality. allowing a painting to be returned to when its all ready be worked on and re-do specific areas over and over again.

Layers of paint can be built up like an oil painter working on a canvas, and then take them off to reveal the white of the sheet.

As water activates the paint, even paint put down months ago.

Allow YUPO® to dry completely then fix with a mat-clear finishing spray to seal and protect it; only use a sealant when the work is complete, as rework and touch-ups become difficult to do after sealing.

The base and surface layers are formed during the extruding process, and these three layers are stretched to create a dimensionally stable, biaxial-oriented substrate. The innumerable micro-voids created through this process give YUPO® its superior strength and ultra-smooth surface finish.