ACRYLIC STAY WET PALETTE - Keep Wet Palette for Acrylic Paints

  • £17.00
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Designed to keep acrylic paints moist and usable for days or even weeks.

The Keep-Wet Palette uses a top layer of specially designed permeable membrane paper, a keep wet paper which is moistened and a lid for when not in use, keeping Acrylic paints fresh and useable for longer.

(Similar in principle to Daler Rowney's original Staywet palette).

The Keep-Wet paper is moistened and placed under the membrane paper to increase the longevity of the Acrylic paints use.

The durable Keep-wet palette is a good size, approx. 210 x 350 x 20mm (8 x 14 x ¾”),  made from lightweight, hard-wearing plastic.

Keeps paint workable and specially mixed colours available for longer periods.

Save money by reducing the amount of wasted thrown away dried paint.

Each Palette contains a pack of refills 12 sheets of top sheet membrane paper and 3 sheets of Keep Wet paper, which are also available separately.