Tips for mixing Daler Rowney FW Pouring Mediums & Inks

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FW Pouring medium unsurprisingly is a new Pouring Medium produced by Daler Rowney specially optimised for inks, formulated to use with their Aquafine Watercolour Inks and FW & System3 Acrylic Inks.

The wide range of colours and FW Pearlescent shades provide some exciting pouring possibilities.

Mixing With FW, System3 or Aquafine Ink

Step 1

Select your ratio, FW Pouring Medium can be used with FW, System3 or Aquafine Inks in a ratio of 1 : 1 (Medium) with up to 3 : 1 (Ink).

Step 2

To assist with the mixing process transfer just half of the FW ink portion into cup containing the FW Pouring Medium and begin mixing with a suitable sturdy implement such as a pallet knife.

This helps the thicker body of the Medium disperse the mixture better.

Step 3

Transfer the remaining FW Ink into the Pouring Medium/Ink mixture and continue stirring until a fluid and pourable flow is obtained.

To assess fluidity simply lift the pallet knife out of the mixture. If the mix flows off of the pallet knife smoothly it is ready to pour.

Note: some colours, due to different pigments, may require a little more ink or slight adjustment with water to achieve the flow like properties required for pouring.

TIP! Spotting Incomplete mixing

The above picture shows what will be seen if mixing is not complete, the small strands of pouring medium floating within the red ink mixture indicate more mixing is needed.

Using Water

To make the Ink go further it is possible to add more water to replace some of the required ink in a blend. It will allow the required flow properties but this will reduce colour.

For example in a 1 : 1 blend, 1/3 of the ink portion could be replaced with water.

Different Ink qualities

Use of Glitters and Stones

After completing a pour it is possible to sprinkle glitter in certain areas or insert small stones or beads for added effects.

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