Expert Guide to Derwent Inktense

Posted by Jeff Rowley on

Derwent have produced this excellent PDF Expert Guide to their Inktense range of Pencils, Blocks and new Pans that come in a handy travel box.

Inktense pencils and blocks can be used on their own like traditional colouring pencils or pastels offering a range of vibrant colours, but once water is added the colours turn into permanent ink-like colours that can be used on a wide range of substrates including fabric.

This useful and inspiring guide has lots of photos and illustrations and includes:

  • Getting Started 

  • Preparing your Palette: Inktense Block Washes

  • Techniques: Using Inktense Pencils & Blocks 

  • Hand Lettering: With the NEW Inktense Paint Pan Set

  • Urban Sketching: Drawing People in Public Places with Inktense

  • Vibrant Landscapes: Layering Techniques with Inktense

  • Cushion Design: Applying Inktense to Fabrics

  • Quilting: Using Inktense Pencils

  • Inktense Facts 

In addition they have a range of useful tutorial videos.

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