Guide to removing dents and re-tensioning stretched canvases by Loxley

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Removing small dents in stretched canvas:

Occasionally canvases will get small dents where something has lent against the surface, to remove them, simply spray a little clean water onto the rear of the dented part of the canvas and allow to air dry, the stretched fibres will then re-tighten and return them to a good condition.


Why are additional wedges sometimes supplied and why are they used?

When supplied, Loxley canvases have been carefully stretched by hand, to create tension that is sufficient to hold the surface flat without any sagging. Sometimes however, after a period of time the canvas may need re-tensioning to get it back to it's original tautness.

To avoid losing spare wedges, it is recommended that they are inserted by hand into the stretcher bar joints before they're needed, the width of the wood will allow them to be held in place without being knocked in.

Two wedges are used for each corner, with the long side of the wedges running flush to the inner edge of the stretcher bar (as picture).

Although some people recommend a different way to use the corner wedges, the instructions below are advised to keep a more consistant gap width  and so retaining the squareness of the corner.


The below method is to maintain consistent gap to keep the corner square as shown. As the wedge is driven in the adjoining stretcher bar is pushed out.

This is what needs to be avoided, the picture shows what tends to happen if the top stretcher is allowed to move whilst the wedge is driven in

To re-tighten the canvas:

To protect the canvas surface from damage, place a piece of card between the wedges and the canvas 

Order of Canvas wedges

1a) With your hand resting on the top edge of the canvas, hold it upright with the bottom edge resting on a table and tap the bottom left wedge down slightly.

1b) Then rotate the canvas 180 degrees and again tap the wedge down that is touching against the same bar (bottom right wedge). This will move one bar and expand the gap evenly.

2a) Rotate the canvas 90 degrees and repeat the above two steps on the opposite stretcher bar.

3 & 4) If necessary, repeat the above process on the remaining two stretcher bars.

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